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Inspired to a new Project:


Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising inspired me to a New Project that will be created collectively, together with people who contribute their filming of local events and/or their own performances and/or film projects on the day. News on the project development will be posted and updated on this website, collecting all links to recent posts that concern the project:

a film workshop on the topic of Violence Against Women in Scotland that will be based on film contributions produced on the day (and thereafter).


To raise awareness how violence can take on culturally specific forms and because I believe that an affirmative mode to address violence in educational settings enables people not to feel at unease or be scared and thereby distanced or paralysed but to actively engage with the topic and learn about the fact that gender-based violence is not a ‘women’s matter’ (the latter being an argument based on discrimination as if you could separate the violence inherent in an act from the person who commits it – can you? I believe that it sticks to the person who commits it, not to those who were victimised, so who’s to blame/shame if anyone?).

Supported by Hollaback! Edinburgh

Links to posts on this project

– 25th January 2013: One Billion Rising


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